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xoxomaxxie in ourskins_ooc

Game Warning, Posting Rules

This game involves mature content.
This may include:
-Underaged drinkin
-Drug use
If you have a problem with any of this,
this is not the place for you.
Hit the "X" at the top right-hand side of your screen, please. ♥


-This games written format will be 3rd person past tense storybook.
1. Valerie scowled, looking up from lacing her favorite green chucks. "I don't have time. Tom is going to be here any minute." She hadn't remembered to put her on her own watch, so she pushed up the sleeve of her mother's blouse and looked at hers. He was already later then late.
2. Lolli turned, pushed the blue hair out of her face, and made a small, irritated noise. Her breath was sour. "Go away," she slurred, pulling the stained blanket over her face.
-Subjects should be titled as followed:
Character ATTN Character [Location] - used when your post is directed at another character
Character OPEN [Location] - used when your post is open for any character to respond
Character CLOSED [Location] - used just to update other players on your characters current status, but is NOT open for play
-Time of the day is optional, but for certain plot purposes may be require.
-All responses should be made through comments.
-Tagging of characters involved in a post are required for organizational purposes.
-Day changes occur as x week is x days in real time to make story flow together and give time to finish and start a scene. Day changes will be announced on the OOC Board.
-Also for the game, you'll be writting in your journal in 1st person as the character.
-You may write as little or as much as you want per entry.
-Journal entries must be set to friend's only so all players can read the entries. But journal entries may be private to the character - meaning the players can read the content, but as the game goes, the characters have no knowledge of the entry.
-Tagging is highly encouraged in journals for organization so you and others may find old information easily. At the very least characters mentioned should be tagged, as well if the journal is 'friends only' or 'private'.
-Click here for examples of journal entires.
-Capitals, words spelled out fully, and puncuation is a must. No 'wUTz up GAiz' shit allowed.
-We're not going to be spelling or grammar nazis though.
-If you're going to be inactive for a extended period of time, or are dropping a character, it would be appreciated if you post as your character with a reason for them to not be involved in any of the game, for example your character went on vacation, moved to a new school, ect.

R U L E S</center>
Just remember;
Rules are subject to change at any time without notice.
Rules may also be added in time, as circumstances may come up.
1. Keep the in-character drama in the game, don't pick fights with players for the actions of their characters. You must remember the content of the show we're portraying, a lot of crazy shit is bound to happen.
2. No god-playing! You control your character, I control mine.
3. Limit your one-lined posts. I know it'll happen on more then one occasion, but don't make it a habbit. Your posts should average no less then a paragraph. Which migh be pusing it, honestly.
4. There is no censorship at this time. However, anything R-Rated should be behind an LJ-Cut if in the intial post. If it happens within the comment contents, a warning should be added.
5. Respect all players. And above all the Mods. They do their best to keep the game running smoothly and put in the extra time to make it more enjoyable for everyone.
6. Keep your characters IC. Character development is a different thing, and completely expected.
7. Anything that would affect the entire community or is a major life changing event should be discussed with mods first.
8. Be active. This game is a very small community with less then 20 characters currently. That means even just two or three absent characters could really put a downer on the game. We understand shit happens. If you are going to be taking a break, try to finish up all games, and post a note in the OOC board just letting us know you'll be absent for such-and-such amount of time. If you just suddenly disappear, or stop playing actively without notice/reason, you will be contacted by mods. If nothing, your character will be made available to be taken over.