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xoxomaxxie in ourskins_ooc

Plotline, Characters, Slang

Ah, Bristol. What a city indeed. Located in the heart of the southwest of England, it's got much to offer. Histroy, scenery, architecture, shops, musuems, and pubs. It's got hills, rivers, parks, and bridges. Someone once also said it has music, clubs, drugs, black people, white people, sex, violence, death, and life. And shoe shops, for some reason. Loads of them. A little something for everyone, right? And what would wonderful Bristol be without its youth? With such a good reputation, Summer Break will be "uneventful", as always.

Generation one: A promise was made among everyone - return to Bristol for the summer to have a fan-fucking-tastic vacation, but after a year apart, what will become of old friendships?
Generation two: With all that's happened can friendships really be saved? After their first crazy year of school together, it's time for this bunch to run havic among the city full-time, three months of no inturptions.

For this game there will be obvious changes from the shows plotline. [SPOILER ALERT] Generation one changes are that Chris did not die, and Jal did not get pregnant. For any other changes I'll leave up to the original characters players; example, Cassie's player can decide if she ran away to New York or not. This will be discussed before they start playing the game.

t a k e n
g e n e r a t i o n 1
Maxxie Oliver : xoxomaxxie
Cassie Ainsworth : reserved for gothic_veils
g e n e r a t i o n 2
Effy Stonem : enigmatic_effy
Emily Fitch : reserved for cesoirs
a v a i l a b l e
g e n e r a t i o n 1
Tony Stonem
Michelle Richardson
Sid Jenkins
Chris Miles
Anwar Kharral
Jal Fazer
Effey Stonem
Sketch (Lucy)
g e n e r a t i o n 2
Pandora Moon
Thomas Tomone
James Cook
Freddie Mclair
JJ Jones
Naomi Campbell
Katie Fitch
Emily Fitch

-Only one character per person. (Sorry!)
-If a character you wants becomes available, you must drop your current characer.
-There is a future possiblity for a limited amount of original characters to join the game, this would happen only if the game needs a pick up, and would only be permitted by a vote with a majority of players agreeing they want it at that time.
-When the next generation of characters take the show (Generation 3), they will be available for play.
-You may fill out an application for any characters listed as available.

A breif list of common British slang used among the crews.
Spliff - a quality cigarette rolled with both tobacco and marajuana, additionally, the term has been adopted to mean any high quality or well-rolled marajuana joint
Tawt - a derogatory term for a person whoose behaviour is considered to be extremely or intolerably ignorant, obnoxious, offensive or moronic
Tosser - comes from an old sailing term for a drunken idiot - 'he's a toss pot' - ie someone who drinks a lot is a tosser or toss pot - refering to anyone of whom you have a low opinion
Wanker - another word for tosser, which is usually reffered to when someone is being a tool or a complete dick
Queue - a line of waiting people/vehicles
Mate - friend/companion
Sixes and Sevens – to be chatoic, crazy, or confused
Skins – rolling paper
-Would you like to add to the dictionary? Have a correction? Click here to submit it.